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daw liggéey
to shirk one's responsibility.
to supervise/protect/lead
jóg ci boppam
to get one's act together
to be behind/responsible for sth
Yaw yaa ko sabab.
You were behind it.
to assign s.o a task/ask s.o to perform a task; to thank
Liggéey bi mu ma sant dafa metti.
The work he assigned me was difficult.
Moo ma sant ma togg réer.
He asked me (it's him who asked me) to cook dinner
to be the chief/leader of (from French)
Moo seef xale yi.
He's the leader of the children.
bare coono
to have a lot to do
am naqar ak tiis di
to have the sad duty to do
am yaakaar ci
to count on sth
Am naa yaakaar ci moom.
I am counting on him.
to entrust sth to s.o.
Sama dëkkaale laa leen batale.
I entrusted them to my neighbours
bàyyi gannaawam
to leave s.o. behind to take care of things in one's absence
Yaw laa bàyyi sama gannaaw.
I am leaving you behind in my absence.
to entrust someone (with something)/leave something with someone
Dénk naa ko ko
I entrusted him with it.
to entrust (an unspecified someone with something(
Dénkaane naa sama oto.
I left my car with someone (unspecified).
yoonam fukk la ci
to be really involved; to have a significant stake (in sth)
Sama yoon fukk la ci.
I am really involved in it
yoonam... Mungi ci
to have it be one's business; to be one's business
to take things seriously (slang)
mënul ñàkka
to be obliged to/to have to (lit. To not be able to not)
to be in charge of/responsibile for s.o.
to try harder, to try to do better
respoŋsaabilite bi
the responsibility (from French)
to be responsible for sth
to be responsible for sth (from French)
Yaa ko res.
You are responsible for it.
to be free of burdens or obligations; to be feeling better