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Freedom and rights

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to dare to do sth/not be afraid of sth
to escape (something)
Sàcc bi rëcc na alkaati yi
The thief escaped the police.
to release/set free
Yewwi nañu Musaa.
They released Moussa.
to be free to/have the right to; to dare to do sth/have the nerve to do sth; to do sth daringly
Sañuloo def lépp li nga bëgg.
You do not have the right to do what you want.
Yamar sañ na ko fóon ci kanamu ñépp.
Yamar has the nerve to kiss her in front of everyone.
to lock (in)
Téj nañu nu ni ci biir néeg bi.
They locked us in the room.
def jaam
to enslave
to let go/release/give up (on)
Bàyyi nañu ko démb.
They let him go yesterday.
to spare (someone)
moom sa bopp
to be independent (lit. Own your head)
Réew mi moom na boppam.
The country is independent.