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Crime and punishment

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buumu njaam bi
the bondage/slavery
lay wi
the argument (e.g in court)
layoo bi
the trial (in court)
kaso bi
the prison
Nelson Mandeela génn na kaso.
Nelson Mandela is out of prison.
càcc gi
the theft
Mës nañu koo jiiñ càcc.
They once accused him of theft.
lay bi
the plea/defense speech
Layam neex na mbooloo mi.
His plea pleased the audience.
njàmbal bi
the raid/ransack
Ñaari Gànnaar yi danu doon def njàmbal.
Two Mauritanians did the raids.
ndeyu sàcc bi
the receiver of stolen goods
forod bi
(the) smuggling
Dañu koy jiiñ forod.
They accused him of smuggling.
tuuma bi
the accusation
Loolu, tuuma bu réy la.
That is a very serious accusation.
ànket bi
the inquest/investigation (from French)
Ànket bi jeex na.
The investigation is over.
njaam li
(the) slavery
Njaam amatul fii.
Slavery no longer exists here.
Yóbbu naa wayu bi poliis.
I led the hooligan to the police.
firnde bi
the proof
Firnde càcc gaangi noonu.
The proof of the theft is there.
àtte bi
the judgement
Àtte bi jub na.
The judgement is fair
seede bi
the testimony
Seedeem doy na.
His testimony is sufficent.
mbugal mi
the punishment/torture