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to have the same/similar
Ñoo niroole bindukaay.
We have the same (type of) pen.
to be like/look like; to ressemble
Yaayam rekk la niru.
She's just like her mother
Kenn xamul lan lay niru.
No one knows what that ressembles.
niru ko
to look like it/act like it
Jiggéen dafa koy niru.
A woman has to look like it.
to compare
Ñaari dàll yi bi ma leen dékkarlee la xam ni nuróowuñu.
When I compared the two shoes I realised that they didn't look alike.
wàññi loxoom
to do less/use less/want less
Ayda wàññi na loxoom.
Aida used less.
to ressemble
niroo (ak)
to ressemble each other/look alike; to be the same (as sth); to match (sth)
Niroo ngeen lool.
You look a lot alike.
Ñoom ñépp a niroo.
They are all the same.
mel ni
to seem like/be similar; to act like/look like
Danga mel ni ku sonn lool.
You seem very tired.
Mel na ni moom.
He is similar to him.
to judge to be inappropriate or not up to standard
Lii daal xeep naa ko.
I don't think this is good enough (I wish I could do better - said when offering food or a gift).
Yaayam dafa ko xeep.
Her mother doesn't think he's good enough.
Dama foogoon ni wute na.
I had thought it was different.
to be preferable
Bii moo ma gënal.
This one is preferable for me.
day ni
to be the same size as
Mungi day ni sama rakk.
He is the same size as my younger sibling.
du leesam
to not be the equal of
Duma sa lees.
I'm not your equal.
to be taller than/better than/more important that
to be the same size; to reach (a point of reference)
Ayda ak Binta ñoo tolloo.
Aida and Binta are the same size.
Boo tolloo ci garab gi jàddal ci sa ndeyjoor.
When you reach the tree, turn to your right.
tolloo ak
to be the same size as s.o
Ayda tolloo na ak Binta.
Aida is the same size as Binta.
to be the same size as (non subj form)
Ayda Binta la tollool.
It's Binta that Aida is the same size as.
tollu ni
to be the same size as
Tollu na ni Binta.
She is the same size as Binta
wute (ak)
to be different (from)
Ayda ak Binta dañu wute.
Aida and Binta are different from each other.
to be the same/act the same/to be the same height; to have the same (body part); to quiet down/settle down; to know how to behave
Yéena yem melo.
You (pl) have the same complexion
to be the superior of; to be in a position to give orders to
dàq fi
to be good/the best at sth/to always be verb-ing
Moo fi dàq kaas.
He's always getting mad
mag fuuf
to be much older than
to be the best; to be very talented/intelligent; to be mysterious/weird