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Power and society

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lar bi
the slave
Lawbe bi
the member of the woodworker's caste
nguur gi
the upper class; poltiical or social power
waa kër buur yi
the royal family
xeet wi
the ethnicity/race; the type/kind
Ci ban xeet nga bokk?
Which ethnicity do you belong to?
Xeet yépp a yem ci kanamu Yàlla.
All races are equal before God.
gurup bi
the group
Bokkuma ci gurup bi.
I am not part of this group.
nawle bi
the peer; the person of the same caste or social class as oneself
sañ-sañ bi
the power; the right (to do something)
Amul benn sañ-sañ fii.
He has no power here.
Amuloo sañ-sañu def ko.
You do not have the right to do it.
kàttan gi
the power/ability/opportunity
Yàlla may na la kàttanu fàtte.
God has give you the ability to forget.
Am na kàttan gu dul jeex
He has exhaustible power.
doole ji
the power (strength)
sosyete bi
the society (from French)
Moo jiite sunu sosyete bi.
It's him who directs our society.
wareef wi
the duty/obligation; the role
cosaan bi
the past/origin/history/tradition/custom
Xam na bu baax cosaanu Senegal.
He knows well the history of Senegal.
Kenn mënula wax cosaanam.
No one can say his origins.
taxawaay bi
the stature
yax bu rëy bi
the important/powerful family
Ci yax bu rëy la bokk.
He belongs to an important, powerful family.
to put a scarf of material on the ground for s.o to walk on (to honor that person)
to take advantage of s.o in an inferior position
to go into politics/play politics (from French)
to corrupt; to give to surreptitiously
Soo ko jéemee buux xaalis, dina bañ.
If you try to corrupt him, he will refuse.
to corrupt; to bribe
kaas drwaa-am
to protest/fight for one's rights (droit)
to decide who to support; to support a team; to thicken a sauce
to set in the ground; to found/establish/institute
Amerikeŋ yi dañu samp seen daraapoo ci weer wi.
The Americans planted their flag on the moon.
nekk ci diggu dooleem
to be at the height of one's powers
nekk ci nguur gi
to be in power; to be powerful
am kàttan
to be powerful
desee naat
to be underdeveloped
Somal réew mu desee naat la.
Somalia is an underdeveloped country.
bare polotik
to be political (in one's actions or attitude)
am jëmm
to be imposing; to be tall (of a person)
am maanaa
to be important
am màqaam
to be famous
am tur
to be famous (to have a name)
rafet juddu
to be well born