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to believe (a fact)
to believe (in something)
Defe nga ko?
Do you believe it?
Dama foogoon ni dem na.
I believed that he had left.
to be worried; to answer s.o; to pay attention to sth
Faala wu ko sax.
He isn't even worried about it.
to decide (what will happen); to ordain
Fii, man maay dogal.
Here, it's me who decides
Yàlla moo dogal sëy bi.
God ordained the marriage.
to imagine; to meditate/reflect
Xalaatuma, damay gént.
I'm not meditating, I'm dreaming.
Dinaa ci xalaat fii ak ëllëg.
I'll reflect on that between now and tomorrow.
jublu ci (mbir)
to think through (a subject)
to understand/get (the meaning)
Jàpp naa li nga bëgga wax.
I get what you want to say.
to prefer
Ban nga taamu?
Which do you prefer?
to anticipate
Yaw, kenn sóoraalewula woon.
You, no one had anticipated you.
to dream
Dafay gént bëccëg.
He dreams in the day.
to reconsider
Dinanu seetaat loolu yépp ëllëg.
We'll reconsider all of that tomorrow.
to reflect/think about something
Issa, looy siyaas?
Issa, what are you thinking about?
to wish s.o sth; to hope for sth for s.o
Yéene naa la bànneex.
I wish you happiness.
bëgg xam
to wonder
Bëgg naa xam fu jëm.
I wonder where he went.
bëgg xam ndax
to wonder if/whether
Bëgg naa xam ndax demoon na.
I wonder if he went.
bir ni
to be certain that
Bir na ni Aamadu di dem téy.
It is certain that Aamdou will go today.
Man bir naa ni dina woy.
(Me,) I'm certain that he's going to sing.
def gàllaac
to consider sth important/depend on sth
Lu mu ma wax def naa ko gàllac.
I depend on what he said to me.
def xelam ci
to think seriously about sth/to count on stg
to think about (often sth in the future)
to expect (s.o) in a location
Fooge na ko fa.
He expected her there
fooge ko
to think so/expect so
gëm ni
to believe that/be certain that
Gëm naa ni demoon na.
I believe that he went.
to daydream of s.o/to get a clear mental picture of s.o's face
Léegi laa la doon janeer.
I was just picturing your face.
to understand (slang, lit to go and take)
nasal xelam
to think/reflect
Nasal naa sama xel.
I reflected.
neex xel
to have a good memory
Neex na xel.
He has a good memory
to not care about sth/so
gëm gi
the belief
yéene ji
the intention; the wish
Yéene doŋŋ la.
It's only a wish.
Yàlla eggali na samay yéene.
God granted my wishes.
bëgg-bëgg bi
the intention/desire/goal
Wax ma sa yéene dëgg.
Tell me your true intention.
xel mi
the memory
Sama xel neexul.
I don't have a good memory.
xeltu bi
the philosophy
point of view
Lam bii ab fàttilikuwaayu sama jabar la.
This bracelet is a momento of my wife.
néew xel
to be unintelligent
nëx xel
to be forgetful/have a bad memory
Maangi xalaat Ayda.
I'm thinking about Aida.
Xalaat naa mu dem.
I think that he'll go.
Xalaatuma ni Yamar dina takk Ayda.
I don't think that Yamar will marry Aida.
Loolu rekk laa la yéene.
That's just what I was hoping for for you.