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asaka bi
the annual tithe given to depents/mosque/charity
aaya ji
the verse of the Qur'an
àq ji
the sin/offense/curse
Sama àq moo ko dal.
My curse fell upon him.
àtte Yalla bi
the act of God/the miracle
barke bi
the blessing/good fortune
barkeel bi
the blessing
Barsàq ji
the otherworldly region, where one goes after death
basaŋu jullikaay bi
the prayer mat
Besu Layoo
Judgment Day
Besu Pénc
Judgment Day
Ceddo bi
the Senegalese person who follows a traditional African religion
deru jullikaay bi
the prayer mat
fajar ji
the dawn prayers; dawn/sunrise
farata ji
the religious obligation; especially Muslim duty
Gurmet bi
the Christian
jàng yi
the religious gathering where people read the Quran from sunset to sunrise (lit. The readings)
jottalikat bi
the person who passes sth on, esp. Imam's assistant who repeats what the Imam says louder.
jumaa ji
the central mosque (where Friday/holiday prayers are held)
Kaaba gi
the Qaaba (holy place in Mecca)
Kaamil gi
the Qur'an (Arabic for 'something perfect')
katesis bi
the Christian catechism as a school subject
Kànkuraŋ bi
(the) person representing a Mandinka spirit in a ceremony
Lislaam ji
(the) Islam
Lislaam tere na ko.
Islam forbids it.
Malaaka Mawti bi
the Angel of Death
mayug Yàlla gi
the gift from God
màggug Yàlla gi
(the) God's majesty
muqàddam mi
the Tidiane dignitary
Murit bi
the Mouride person
muurum Koor mi
the alms given at the end of Ramadan
njàpp mi
the ablution
Ndox mii baaxul ci njàpp.
This water isn't good for ablutions.
ruu bi
the soul
Sa ruu dina dellu asamaan.
Your soul will return to heaven.
malaaka bi
the angel (bad or good)
Malaaka yi duñu nelaw mukk.
Angels never sleep.
àllaaxira ji
the beyond/ the afterlife
Kenn bëggula dem àllaaxira.
No one wants to go to the afterlife.
sarax si
the alms/offerings/donations; sacrifice
Sarax sa egg na.
The alms have arrived (ie have already been given).
Bu ñu jaaxlee, dañuy def sarax.
When they are worried, they make offerings.
tuur wi
the alter
Nanu ñaani ca sunu tuuri maam.
Let's pray at the alter of our ancestors.
ngénte li
the baptism
Ngénte lu neex lawoon.
It was a nice baptism.
biibal bi
the bible
kurus gi
the rosary beads/prayer beads
alxuraan ji
the Qur'an
saytaane bi
the devil (Satan)
Saytaane a la ko defloo.
The devil made you do it.
egliis bi
the church (from French)
Dinanu dem egliis ëllëg.
We're going to go to church tomorrow
hell (also fire)
Yéefar la, Safara lay dem
He's an unbeliever, he'll go to hell.
ilimaan bi
the imam
yéefar bi
the infidel/unbelievers
Ñi dul julli ay yéefar lañu.
Those who don't pray are infidels/unbelievers.
mees bi
the mass (Church)
Dinanu dem mees ëllëg.
We'rre going to mass tomorrow.
sóoróor bi
the minaret
Sóoróor yi tiim nañu dëkk bi.
The minarets dominate the town.
bilaal bi
the muezzin
noddkat bi
the muezzin
Naka la bilaal bi tudd?
What's the muezzin called?
noyel yi
(the) Christmas
Ci feeti noyel yi lawoon.
It was during the Christmas holidays
àlluwa bi
the writing board (in Qur'anic school)
Xalima bi damm na ci àlluwa bi.
The quill broke on the writing board.
paak yi
(the) Easter
Mungi fi woon ci feeti paak yi.
He was here during the Easter holidays.
bàkkaar bi
the sin
Bàkkaar bu réy la.
It's an enormous sin.
àllaji bi
the pilgrim (male)
ajaratu bi
the pilgrim (female)
julli gi
the prayer (act of praying)
ñaan bi
the prayer (for something)
Julli àjjuma la.
It's the Friday prayer.
yonnent bi
the prophet
Mungiy wax ni ab yonnent.
He is talking like a prophet.
jàng yi
the religious songs
Amoon na ay jàng ci sunu koñ.
There were religious songs in our neighbourhood.
diine ji
the religion
Bokkunu diine.
We don't share the same religion.
dekki gi
the resurrection
Dañuy màggal dekki Isaa.
They are celebrating the ressurection of Jesus.
wàlliw wi
the saint
Xamunuwoon ni wàlliw lawoon.
We didn't know he was a saint.
Yaw, Saytaane dëgg nga.
You, you're real Satan.
musulkat bi
the saviour
Yeesu mooy sunu musulkat.
Jesus is our saviour
tariixa bi
the sect/faction
Ci ban tariixa nga bokk?
To what sect do you belong?
xutba bi
the sermon
Ilimaan bi mooy def xutbaam.
It's the imam who does his sermon.
writing board for Qur'anic texts
Isaa ab yonnent la.
Jesus is a prophet.
Mooy ilimaanu jàkka ji.
It's him who is imam of the mosque.
ribijoŋ bi
the Christmas/New Year's Eve dinner
ngëm gi
the faith
Amul benni ngëm ci li muy def.
He has no faith in what he is doing.
ajjana bi
(the) paradise
Nu ñépp dinanu dem àjjana.
We are all going to go to Paradise.
a woman who has been to Mecca