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Religious verbs

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to do ablution; to be busy (also to catch/hold)
to pray
to pray for sth
Ñaan naa Yàlla ngir nga génn ci.
I prayed to God that you would get through it.
to intone/chant
Suba su nekk, mu tari ay saari Alxuraan.
Each morning he chants the verses of the Qur'an.
to convert (religion)
to preach
At mu nekk, mu ñów di waare sunu dëkk.
Every year, he comes to preach in our house.
to make an offering of/to sacrifice
Nanga saraxe guro gu weex.
It's necessary to make an offering of white kola.
ameel àq
to sin against
Ameel na ma àq.
He sinned against me.
àlluwaam guddul
to have incomplete knowledge of Islamic culture
Sa àlluwaam guddul.
You have incomplete knowledge of Islamic culture.
baalu àq
to ask for forgiveness of one's sins
Baalu naa àq.
I asked for forgiveness of my sins.
to praise
to seclude oneself (of a religious leader)/to be sheltered
to snap one's fingers (to show praise at a religious gathering)
to submit oneself to sth; to follow the teachings of a religious leader/join a religious sect
Ñów na jébbalu ci yoon.
He came to submit to justice.
jox barke
to pass on a blessing to
to miss the meal served at sunrise during Ramadan
to raise one's hands on either side of one's head to begin one's prayers
to perform a religious duty or prayer hastily;
Dafa këpp-këppal julleem.
He said his prayers hastily.
to clean s.o's genitals; to be suitable for prayer (especially clean)
to say a prayer before doing sth; to bless
to gently touch an ailing part of s.o's body while reciting prayers
moy Yàlla
to break God's law/commit a sin
to be profane/secular; to be immoral; to be taboo
Jëf ju araam la.
It's a profane act.
Ci nun, loolu araam na.
For us, that's taboo.
to be sacred; to be venerable
Màkka bërëb bu tedd la.
Mecca is a sacred place.
Ñàkk nanu kilifa diine gu tedd.
We have lost a venerable religious leader.
am àlluwa
to have religious knowledge
ñaan ngir
to pray that/wish that; to pray for/wish for
Ñaan nañu ngir jàmm yàgg.
They prayed that peace would endure.