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to scramble/interfere with/mix (up)
Jaxase nga lépp.
You have mixed everything up.
Dama di jaxase Binta ak rakkam rekk.
I always confuse Binta and her younger sister.
to confuse/mix up
Su amuloon gàllonkoor googu, doon naa ñów.
If there hadn't been this hold up, I would have come.
to lose (something)
Réeral na sama caabi
He lost my key.
to be careless about/neglect
to be careless about/neglect (from French negliger)
to be careless about/neglect
Bul caaxaane sa liggéey.
Don't be careless about your work.
to obstruct/block; to fill in, patch, cover; to fill up a hole; to wheeze
Dingéen fatt yoon wi.
You (plural) are going to obstruct the path.
to offend/provoke; to be wrong
Yaa ma tooñ.
It's you that provoked me.
to omit something/leave something out/ skip over sth
Tëb nañu sa tur.
They omitted your name.
Tëb nañu sama tur ci nas bi.
They jumped over my name on the list.
to damage/harm
to relapse/fall again
Demoon naa ba di wér daanuwaat.
I was about to to recover and I relapsed.
daj (metit)
to suffer/endure
Daj na metit bu bare.
He suffered a lot.
Daj naa lu nekk ak moom.
I endured all sorts of things with him.
am dog-dog
to have problems/have something to deal with.
Ñówumawoon ndax dama amoon dog-dog.
I didn't come because I had something to deal with.
deful jàmm
to do sth wrong
to challenge/set goals for s.o.
Yaayam moo ko dëkk - loolu moo tax mu fas jom.
His mother challenged him - that's why he tried harder
to come apart
du wekki... di daaj
to be making things worse
Du wekki dafay daaj.
He's making things worse
dugal ci njaaxum
to get s.o. into trouble
jànkoonte ak
to be faced with/have to deal with sth
to finish off/finish destroying sth; to make things worse for s.o
to be finished off; to have things made worse for one
to be out of/have no more of sth
Jéexle naa ceeb.
I'm out of rice.
to struggle (phyiscally or economically); to be overwhelmed
to get s.o in trouble'; to mess sth up for s.o
to be in trouble, to have sth messed up; to die
musiba dal
to have a misfortune
Musiba dal na ma.
I had a misfortune