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musiba ak balaa bi
the misfortune and grief
dog-dog bi
the interruption/obstacle/problem
Amaat na ab dog-dog.
There was another interruption.
sikk gi
the fault/flaw
Masiin bii amul benn sikk.
This machine has no faults.
jafe-jafe bi
the difficulty
Amunu benn jafe-jafe.
We had no difficulty.
njuumte bi
the error/mistake
Njuumte bi réy la.
It's a serious error.
Lii, yàq la.
That here, it's waste.
toroxte bi
the humilation; the destitution
Ndaw toroxte!
What a humiliation!
Mungiwoon ci toroxte gu metti.
He was in terrible destitution.
ay bi
the harm/inconvenience/disadvantage; the turn
Gisuma ci benn ay.
I see no harm in it.
Sa ay dina ñów.
Your turn will come.
dayo bi
the limit; the size/value/prestige
Amul dayo.
There is no limit.
ñàkka déggoo bi
the misunderstanding
Ñàkka déggoo lawoon.
It was a misunderstanding.
musiba bi
the misfortune
Loolu musiba bu réy la.
That is a great misfortune.
kumpa bi
the mystery
Kumpa lay doon ba fàww.
That will be a mystery forever.
ñaawtéef wi
the obscenities
Bëggatumaa gis ñaawtéef yooyu sama kër.
I don't want to see those obscenities in my house anymore.
téq-téq bi
the obstacle/hitch/set back
breakdown/failure (from French panne)
parparle bi
the bias/preference/favouritism
coono bi
the physical suffering
ñàkk gi
the shortage/the loss
Wam ag ñàkk la ci ñépp.
His death is a loss for all of us.
Ñàkk ndox gi am na weer.
The water shortage lasted a month.
mbir mi
the phenomenon/problem
Mbir mu doy waar la.
It's a strange phenomenon.
fiir gi
the trap
loorange ji
the damage/harm
ndóol bi
the ruin
dog-dog bi
the rupture/break
Dog-dogu kuura lawoon.
It was a rupture in the electricy supply.
njaaxum bi
the scandal
Bu ngéen ko fàttee, dina def njaaxum.
If you (pl.) forget it, it will be a scandal.
sekkere bi
the secret (from French)
Bul wuññi sama sekkere.
Don't reveal my secret.
tàggoo bi
the separation (of people)
Sunu tàggoo dina jafe.
Our separation will be difficult.
tàggale bi
the separation (of objects)
Tàggale bu ñaari cat yi.
The separation of the two ends.
yàqu-yàqu bi
the damage/harm
Yàqu-yàqu bi am na solo lool.
The damage is very serious.
nekkin wi
the situation
demin bi
the situation
Mungi ci nekkin wu metti.
He's in a difficult situation.
wéetaay bi
the solitude
Wéetaay mën naa dofloo.
Solitude can make (someone) crazy.
bën-bën bi
the hole
Sakk nañu bën-bën yi.
They blocked the holes.
Su amuloon gàllonkoor googu, doon naa ñów.
If there hadn't been this hold up, I would have come.