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Love and relationships

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jamaale bi
the rival (over a woman)
Tase naa ak sama jamaale.
I met my (love-)rival
soppe bi
the darling
séy bi
the marriage
Séy bu nee lay doon.
It was a happy marriage.
céet gi
the wedding
Yégaloo ma woon sa céet gi.
You didn't make me aware of your wedding.
xaritu benn bakkan
close friend (lit. Friend of the same nose)
aawa bi
the first wife
dëkkaale gi
the neighbour
digaale bi
the person one has a relationship with
dogoo bi
the break-up
gel bi
the girlfriend (from English)
to kiss; to smell/sniff
Fóon ma.
Kiss me.
to kiss each other
Fóonante nañu ci mbedd mi
They kissed each other in the street.
to court/woo
Lii moo tax mu ma doon dagu.
That's why he wooed me.
to separate/break up (in relationship)
Tàggoo nanu.
We broke up.
to break up with s.o.
Dogoo naa ak sama jànq.
I broke up with my girl.
to suffer (From love)
Bul ma miseerloo.
Don't make me suffer.
to reject/repudiate a wife; to break up from a relationship
to compete with another man over a woman
Jamaale naa ak moom cib jànq.
I competed with him over a girl.
am nekkaale
to have a live-in, to live with someone without being married
to separate (of a couple or friends)
to get someone pregnant
bokk mbuus
to be friends/do everything together
def xarit
to be friends with s.o.
to have a relationship characterised by sth; to agree upon sth
Loo leen digaale?
What kind of relationship do you have?
to date a woman; to throw oneself at a man
dugg seen diggante
to break up their relationship
Dafa dugg suñu diggante.
He broke up our relationship.
to leave one's husband (temporarily)
to go and persuade (a wife) to reconcile with her husband
Nijaayam moo ko fayle.
Her uncle went to persude her to reconcile with her husband
to separate/come between (friends or a couple)
to look for a man (in an obvious/indecent way as apparent from conduct and dress) - of woman.
mokk pooj
to be very devoted/submissive to your husband (lit. Soft hip)
Ndaw si mokk na pooj lool.
The woman is very devoted to her husband (litt. has soft hips).
am coppateem
to be intrigued by/attracted to/really like
to be taken/already married; to be sold/sell well
mbëgg mi
the desire/love
mbokk gi
the relationship
ndiig li
the bridegroom's intermediary who helps arrange wedding plans
ngoro li
the love; the loving relationship
ñetteel bi
the third wife; the third one
pase mi
the divorce