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mbaar mi
the workshop
Mungi ci mbaaraam.
He is in his workshop.
njaay mi
the business/commerce/sales/merchandise
Njaayum simaa ak muul.
The sale of ciment and bricks.
gerew bi
the strike
Gerewu etijaa yi jeex na.
The students' strike is finished.
màngasiin bi
the warehouse/shop
wanteer bi
the liquidation/clearance sale
Am na ab wanteeri marsandiis fii.
There is a liquidation of merchandise here.
kuréel gi
the committee/commission/assembly/conference/formal meeting
marsandiis bi
the merchandise (from French)
rosi bi
the receipt
Réeral naa rosi bi mu ma joxoon.
I lost the receipt that he gave me.
pénc mi
the headquarters
Fii mooy sunu pénc.
Here is our headquarters.
sandikaa bi
the trade union/syndicate
Daq nañu ko ci sandikaa bi.
He is excluded from the trade union.
second hand goods (From French)
xaaj bi
the phase
Nungi ci xaaj bu jëkk bi.
We're in the first phase.
masiinu sottandi bi
the photocopier
Jot nanu ab masiinu sottandi bu bees.
We have received a new photocopier.
palaas bi
the post (at work)
waaj bi
the preparation/training
Waaj bu gaaw lawoon.
It was a quick preparation.
tan bi
the salt manufacturing
kuréel gi
the sector
xéewal bi
the bargain/godsend
Lii, xéewal dëgg la.
That there is a real bargain.
mébét bi
the project
Mébét bu baax la.
It's a good project.
daraja gi
the high rank
isin bi
the factory (from French)
kiliyaan bi
the customer; the merchant (in an established relationship - from French)
kompañi bi
the company/business (from French)
koppe bi
the cooperative
Dafay tagg njaayam.
He showcases his merchandise.
to import
Marsandiis yi ñu jéggaan ñoo gëna seer.
Imported merchandise is more expensive.
to make/produce
Dinanuy defar ay yéf yu rafet.
We will make pretty things.
to photocopy
Nanga sottandi lijaasa bi.
You will have to photocopy the diploma.
to preside (over)/ chair; to lead (a person, prayer, country etc)
Maa wara jiite ndaje mi.
It's me who must chair the meeting.
to recruit
Arme bi dina angaase ay xale yu jigéen.
The army is going to recruit girls.
to catch up with one's work
to manage; to get along without a regular job (to hustle!)
to go to work in the afternoon
to hire (a white collar employee)
Kan mooy jiite liggéey bi?
Who will direct the work?
to seize (goods) (from French)
Sisiir nañu meebalam yépp.
They seized all of his goods.
sisiir bi
the seizure (of goods)/foreclosure
Taabal bii bokk na ci sisiir bi.
This table was part of the seizure.