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Admin, government and law

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déggoo bi
the agreement
juboo bi
the agreement
lonkoo bi
the agreement
Siñe nanu ab déggoo.
We signed an agreement.
alamaan bi
the fine
Fey naa alamaanu ñaari téeméeri dërëm.
I paid a fine of a thousand cfa.
Kaaraange gi
the army/defence
Am nañu kaaraange gu am doole.
They have a strong army.
Moom mooy jawriinu kaaraange gi.
It's him who is the Minister of Defence
mbootaay gi
the association/organisation
Sunu mbootaay gi mungiy dox ni mu ware.
Our association works as it must.
aasiraas bi
the insurance
War naa beesalaat sama aasiraas bi.
I have to renew my insurance.
permi bi
the authorisation/permission
Amaguma permi ngir ñów.
I don't yet have permission to come
keyitu juddu
birth certificate
biro bi
the office
dipite bi
the member of parliament/deputy
Mësula nekk dipite.
He has never been a member of parliament.
Dinanu dem ci yoon bu ko aajoo.
We will take legal action (go to justice) if it's necessary.
koom-koom bi
the economy
Jawriinu koom-koom bi mooy wax.
It's the Minister of the Economy who is talking.
wotekat bi
the voter
Wotekat yi barewuñu.
The voters were not many.
wote bi
the vote/election
Bésu wote baangiy jegesi.
The day of the election is approaching.
faktiir bi
the bill
Defal ma ab faktiir.
Make me a bill
lempo bi
the tax (from French)
independence (country)
Waa Namibi angiy xeex ngir am moom-sa-réew.
Namibians are fighting to have independence.
yoon wi
the law/justice
sart wi
the law
Xam nga xëll ni yoon mayewu ko.
You know well that the law doesn't allow it.
parti bi
the political party (from French)
Sunu parti dina gañe wote bi.
Our party will win the elections
paaspoor bi
the passport
Sama paaspoor léegi mu jeex.
My passport is about to expire.
xuloo bi
the argument/polemic
poliis bi
the police (from French)
polotik bi
the politics (from French)
president (from French)
Mooy njiitu sunu mbootaay gi.
He's the president of our association.
juuti bi
the tax (paid daily by market stalls) (from English)
Fey naa sama juuti.
I paid my tax.
tirbinaal bi
the court/courthouse (from French)
Yóbbu nañu mbir mi tirbinaal.
They took the affair to court.
meer bi
the mayor
Fal nañu ko meeru Ndakaaru.
He was elected (they elected him) mayor of Dakar.
Taxawal nañu nguur gu bees gi.
They formed the new government.
permi bi
the permit
Alkaati bi nangu na permeem.
The policeman withdrew his permit.
palaŋ bi
the plan (from French)
Nguur gi tëral na ab palaŋ.
The government set out a plan.
reegalmaa bi
the regulation/rule (from French)
Lu reegalmaa bi wax?
What does the regulation say?
raŋ bi
the rank
Séen raŋ bi jubul.
Your (pl.) rank is not correct.
nguur gi
the reign
Nguuram du yàgg.
His reign didn't last long.
kaaraange gi
the security
Ngir kaaraange réew mi.
For the security of the country.
siñaatiir bi
the signature
Xammee naa siñaatiir bii.
I recognise this signature.
Xamuñu luy moom-sa-bopp.
They don't know liberty.
ambasaad bi
the embassy
guwenamaa bi
the government (from French)
coppite bi
the reshuffle/reorganisation
Du am coppite ren.
There will be no reshuffle this year.