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col gi
the clothing/style of dressing
Dàq nañu ko ndax colam sellul.
They sent him away because his clothing wasn't appropriate.
omb bi
the tail (of an outfit)
Sa ombu sabadoor angiy direeku.
The tail of your boubou is trailing on the ground.
piliweer bi
the jumper (from French)
Jelal sa piliweer.
Take your jumper.
piisamaa bi
the pyjamas
Piisamaa bu ñuul la sol.
He is wearing black pyajamas.
carax bi
the sandal
Sa carax yi jot nañu ma.
Your sandals are my size.
sitee bi
the bra
siteengoos bi
the bra
Ñaata ngay jaaye sitee bii?
For how much are you selling this bra?
kaala gi
the turban/headscarf
lonet yi
the glasses
Foo bàyyi say lonet?
Where did you leave your glasses?
to get dressed
Mungiy solu.
He's getting dressed.
to wear a headwrap/scarf
Ndaw sii du musóoru mukk.
This woman never wears a headwrap.
to cover yourself
to roll up (trousers)
Mu wogg tubéyam.
He rolled up his trousers.