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Childhood and school

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school (any)
lekool bi
the school (Western style)
Dugal naa samay doom yépp ci lekool bii.
I enroled all of my children in this school.
daara ji
the Qur'anic school
jangu bi
the religious school
elew bi
the pupil (from French)
Elew yi dañu gerew.
The pupils are on strike.
ngone li
the childhood
childhood (also woman)
Sama ngone lépp fii la ko def.
I spent all my childhood here.
doom ji
the child/offspring
eksameem bi
the exam (from French)
Lajjaat na ci eksameem bi.
He failed the exam again.
liise bi
the high school (from French)
Liise yi dañu gerew.
The high schools are on strike.
nitaal bi
the doll
Naka la sa nitaal bi tudd?
What is your doll called?
yar gi
the education
Am na yar gu baax.
He has a good education.
njàng mi
the study/studies
Jeexalagul njàngam.
He hasn't yet finished his studies.
keyitu firnde
ñàkk yar
Ñàkk yar dëgg la.
It's pure indiscipline.
liir bi
the baby/newborn
to educate
dégg ndigal(u)
to obey orders (of)
Xale bu yaru war naa dégg ndigalu waayjuram.
A well-educated child must obey his parents.
to obey
to revise (a lesson)
Ndongo yaangiy nafar.
The students are revising.
teacher in Qur'anic school
bak bi
the high school bacculaureat
bootaay bi
the position in which a baby is carried
doomu bant bi
the wooden doll
doomu sagar bi
the rag doll
doomu tubaab bi
the doll with white skin
fer gi
the weaning period
iniwersite bi
the university (from French)
to rock a baby
to be carried on s.o's back (for a baby)
daw jàng
to skip school
dem Alxuraan
to go to Qur'anic school (lit. To go Qur'an)
to teethe
to read
to read syllable by syllable; to spell
to go to school