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superlative verb-adjectives

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bees tàq
to be completely new
bees pull
to be completely new
bees peq
to be completely new
dëgër këcc
to be very solid/hard
diis gaan
to be very heavy
dijj fëtën
to be very plump
doy sëkk
to be completely sufficient
duuf ba ne futt
to be very fat
far nip
to be very syrupy/concentrated
fatt taraj
to be totally blocked
fees dell
to be completely full
fés cinn
to be very obvious
forox toll
to be very sour/acidic
gudd coleet
to be very long
gudd ba ne loos
to be very long
janoo màkk
to be face to face
jeex tàkk
to be completely finished
jub xocc
to be completely straight/honest
fey kamaj
to go out suddenly
leer nàññ
to be crystal clear
léj witt
to be completely twisted
lëndëm këruus
to be pitch dark
mat sëkk
to be entirely complete
mokk rumbox
to be well learnt
ŋaaŋ ŋàpp
to open the mouth wide
niin mbott
to be very oily/fatty
nooy nepp
to be very soft/spongey
ñor xomm
to be thoroughly cooked/very ripe/aged
ñuul kukk
to be completely black
ñuul korom
to be completely black
pes téll
to slap with all one's might
rattax bareet
to be very slippery
saf sàp
to be full of flavour
sedd guyy
to be cold as ice
seey xorom
to be completely dissolved
sës rekk
to be just next to sth
set wecc
to be clean as snow
sew ruuc
to be very skinny
siiñ fàŋŋ
to smile showing the teeth
suba cuuy
to be very early
suur këll
to be stuffed full
tàkk jéreet
to suddenly flare/blaze
tàlli ñàdd
to be very tight/stretched
to be very tight/stretched
tang jérr
to be roasting hot
tang jépp
to be roasting hot
taq ripp
to be very dirty/stained
tas tasar
to be completely scattered
taxaw temm
to stop suddenly/ to be resolute
taxaw jonn
to be totally vigilant
të ticc
to be very rebellious
teeŋ ŋàdd
to be stretched to the limit
ub ràpp
to close energetically
ubbi ba ne ŋàll
to burst open
way denn
to be well understood/curdled
wéet wé yën
to be totally deserted
weex tàll
to be white as snow
weex durr
to be white as snow
wér céŋŋ
to be completely sure/healed
wér péŋŋ
to be completely sure/healed
wex xàtt
to be very bitter
wow koŋŋ
to be bone dry
woyof toyy
to be light as a feather/easy peasy
xam xéll
to know for sure
xasaw tunn
to stink
xees pecc
to have very pale skin
xonq curr
to be very red
xonq coyy
to be very red
yaa ŋàpp
to be vast/spacious
yàq yaxeet
to be totally destroyed
yem kepp
to be just right/equal