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darkase bi
the cashew (tree)
Doomu darkase neex na.
The fruit of the cashew is nice.
lënd wi
the spiderweb
Dama bëgga dindi lënd wi.
I want to get rid of the spiderweb.
xon wi
the rainbow
jaww ji
the atmosphere/air
Tawu démb bi féexal na jaww ji.
Yesterday's rain has refreshed the atmosphere.
matt mi
the dead wood
Ab sayu matt.
A fagot/bundle of dead wood.
potopoto gi
the mud
ban bi
the mud
guy gi
the baobab
Am na ab guy ci bunt ci dëkk la.
There is a baobab at the entrance to the village.
jabb bi
the bud
doj wi
the pebble
Dafa dëgër ni doj.
It's as hard as a pebble.
leket gi
the calabash
bitti bi
the outdoors
Ñemewumaa des ci bitti.
I don't dare stay outdoors.
màndiŋ mi
the desert
Taw na ci màndiŋ mi.
It rained in the desert.
melax bi
the lightning flash
Dafa gaaw ni melax.
He is fast like lightning.
xanc bi
the treebark/peel
Buléen dindi xanc yi.
Don't (plural) remove the peels.
dég bi
the thorn/spine
Ab dég jam na ma ci tëstën.
A thorn pricked me in the heel.
tóor-tóor bi
the flower
Witt naa ay tóor-tóor yu rafet.
I gathered pretty flowers.
àll bi
the forest
gott gi
the forest
Fukki at ci gannaaw, gox bii àll lawoon.
Ten years ago, this region was a forest.
dënnu bi
the lightning
Dënnu bi daaneel na benteñe gi.
The lightning made the kapok tree fall.
liw bi
the cold
pepp bi
the seed
Dindi na pepp yu bon yi.
He took out the bad seeds.
ñax mi
the grass
Kuppe bi réer na ci ñax mi.
The ball has disappeared in the grass.