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Food and drink

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aalkool bi
the alcohol
ñam wi
the food
beer bi
the beer
Dumay naan beer.
I don't drink beer.
beñe bi
a doughnut
sokolaa bi
the chocolate
supome bi
the cabbage
komfitiir bi
the jam
cere ji
the couscous
tàndarma bi
the date (fruit)
formaas bi
the cheese
Am na benn paketu formaas ci filisideer bi.
There is one packet of cheese in the fridge.
nàkk wi
the cake
galaas bi
the ice-cream
Sama pàppa bëggul galaas.
My dad doesn't like ice-cream.
diw gi
the cooking oil
Denc naa tuuti diw ci waañ wi.
I kept a little oil in the kitchen.
siddéem si
the jujube
Jaaykati siddéem si egsi na.
The jujube vendor arrived.
limunaat bi
the lemonade
Naan nanu limunaat.
We drank lemonade.
mayonees bi
the mayonnaise