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poqotaan bi
the armpit
Sama poqotaan angiy xeeñ latkoloñ.
My armpit smells of perfume.
nëq bi
the gut/lower abdomen
butiit bi
the guts/entrails
Joxal xaj bi butiit yi.
Give the entrails to the dog.
yuur yi
the brain(s)
tëstën gi
the ankle
Sa tubéy bi àggul ci tëstën gi.
Your trousers don't reach your ankle.
faar wi
the rib
kaan bi
the skull
lupp wi
the thigh
ndodd mi
the spine
Ndoddam damm na.
He broke his spine.
mbaq mi
the stomach
Baaxul ci mbaq.
It's not good for the stomach.
taat wi
the buttock
Du nëbb taatam yi mukk.
He never hides his buttocks.
to be pearly white (teeth)
Ay bëñam dañu kadam yépp.
His teeth are all pearly white.