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mani sauc
I am called
Mani sauc Gustavs.
I am called Gustav.
Šī ir Monika.
This is Monica.
Šī ir mana sieva Sofija.
This is my wife Sofia.
perhaps, maybe
O, jūs varbūt esat anglis?
Oh, you are perhaps English?
Jā, viņš ir anglis.
Yes, he's English.
a Brit
Jūs abi esat briti.
You are both British.
Un Monika ir angliete?
And Monica is English?
Nē, viņa nav angliete.
No, she's not English.
Viņa ir latviete.
She is Latvian.
Monika un Sofija - viņas abas ir latvietes.
Monica and Sofia - they both are Latvians.