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New Criminology/ Neo Marxists

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New Criminology
This sociological domination argues crime is a deliberate choice to CHANGE SOCIETY, its criminals who choose to break the law and it isn't affect by anything but them. Theory creates by Taylor, Walton and Young
Taylor, Walton and Young
The sociologists who created the foundations of new criminology/ neo marxism & argued criminals weren't passive individuals who weren't able to control their economic situation like marxists thought. Instead they believe crime is a DELIBERATE and conscious choice
Fight against Capitalism
New criminologists believe crime is a deliberate step against capitalism, as they believe crimes like robbery is a way of redistributing wealth
Black Panther Movement
New Criminologists used this revolutionary civil rights group as an example of how criminal actions were used to challenge a corrupt system
Left realists on Neo marxists
Left realists point out crime isn't often political resistance to capitalism as its often that working class criminals commit crimes against working class victims