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Globalisation pt 2

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Uses the term 'McMafia' to describe the way transnational organised crime mirrors the activities of legal transnational corporations like McDonalds who are operating as purely self interested economic organisation which just sell food instead of drugs
Bhopal 1984
Disaster in India where chemical plant leaked poisonous gas that affected half a million people. Some argue these plants often locate themselves in areas because they know the safety laws are weak
BP Deepwater Horizon
Oil rig in Gulf of Mexico that led to the largest accidental marine oil spill in history of the oil industry. This caused extensive damage to wildlife and tourism industries
Invisible crime
(Why Corporate and White Collar crime is hard to detect) White colllar and corporate crime is very hard to detect as they take place in the workplace and cover ups can be very sophisticated
Oblivious Victim
(Why Corporate and White Collar crime is hard to detect) As in the case of the Thalidomide crisis it wasn't until major damage was already done.Victims may blame themselves
(Why Corporate and White Collar crime is hard to convict) will often see a white collar defendant and believe hes respectable, well educated due their wealth and are unlikely to believe them to be guilty of a crime
Growing Inequality
Taylor believes globalisation has lead to the richer getting richer through expanding companies, offshore bank accounts, overseas investments etc which has lead to more relative deprivation for the poor. This feeds crime
has increased due to globalisation, this has resulted in STRICTER BORDER CONTROL. This feeds human trafficking and fraudulent visas etc