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Suicide a study in sociology
Durkheims book, he chose suicide deliberately as it is the most private and psychologically driven crime. If he could prove social factors lead to sucide he could prove sociology WAS JUST A SCIENTIFIC and demonstrate the power of society
National Upheaval
Countries that face this or some sort of revolution face low crime rates due to people feeling more socially integrated and change in society occurring which may be positive
Were the religious group with the lowest suicide group, their also a very tightly knit group
Educated people
Suffered from high suicide rates this might be down to higher powered careers carrying more stress and responsibility
Protestants countries
Had higher rates of sucide than catholic ones might be down to Protestants being a weaker community
Married people
Were less likely to commit suicide than singles many down to having someone to talk to often and better financial stability
Social Integration
Means socialisation into the norms, values and lifestyles of social groups in society
Moral Regulation
Refers to the control that society and social groups have over an individuals behaviour
Safety Valve
Durkheim believes crime can release the stresses in society, for example mass riots is an outlet of expressions and it avoids more serious acts of crime
(State Crime) The inhumane treatment of humanes. Gaddafi regime was guilty of torturing opponents. The US Guantanamo Bay has been accused of torturing individuals
Anomic (type of suicide)
(Not enough regulation) society has insufficient control over individuals. Often in times of economic depression or economic rise the suicide rate rises. Some people cannot adapt
Altruistic (type of suicide)
(TOO MUCH integration) an over integrated group SACRIFICES their life for the group. Terrorist bombers are great examples of this
Fatalistic (type of suicide)
(TOO MUCH regulation) the individual is too highly controlled by society, i.e. Explains why prisoners or slaves commit suicide
Sati (altruistic)
When Hindu wives throw themselves on husbands burning pyre so there not a burden to the family this is a altruistic suicide.