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Ignores some crime
(Problem with victim survey's) the CSEW for instance excludes business crime and fraud
White Collar Crime
Committed by middle class individuals who abuse their work positions for personal gain, at the expense of employers, the government or clients
Corporate Crime
Offences commited by large companies who act on behalf to gain money illegally for the company
Oblivious Victim
(Why Corporate and White Collar crime is hard to detect) As in the case of the Thalidomide crisis it wasn't until major damage was already done.Victims may blame themselves
minimum wage
some companies are failing to pay this & this is a corporate crime
Thailidomide 1950s
This morning sickness drug faced inadequate regulation and it led to birth defects in thousands of babies
Amazon and Starbucks
came under heavy attack in the UK for failing to pay their fair share of taxes through various offshore accounts
Human Trafficking
The illegal movement and smuggling of people
Money laundering
Is when you falsify where your money comes from, Many cartels that gain their money from drug sources will pretend that instead comes from legal sources. i.e. Walter Breaking Bad
Can include internet Catfish's , credit card fraud, pedophilia picture sharing, identity theft
More Sophisticated Police
The advancements of DNA, forensic science and CCTV has meant that more criminals are likely to be caught