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Positivist Victimology
Interested in now some people are more like to become victims than like to become victims than others. E.g, due to lifestyle or victims acts (e.g. Leaving valuables on display in a car)
Positivist Victimology Criticism
This approach is accused of "blaming the victim", plus positivists focus more on visible crimes like robberies and NOT STATE CRIMES
Radical Victimology
More left wing, argues in unequal society, poor people are more likely to be victims of crimes due to the inequalities and disadvantages. They also focus on more corporate crimes
Domestic Violence
Women are much more likely to be victims of this than anyone else are often experience repeat attacks
Twice as likely
This is the amount more men are more likely to become victims than women
Mixed Race Adults
Are the ethnic groups that experience being the victims of crime more than anymore else
Feminists on domestic violence
Feminists argue domestic violence is a result of unequal power relationship between men and women
Suggests fear of crime is used to constrain women. If women are scared of rape, mugging then they will more likely TONE DOWN their makeup and appearance
Marxist Feminists on Domestic Violence
These say domestic violence can be explained and lack of control men have in the capitalist workplace
(Problem with self report) Young offenders living chaotic lifestyles and serious offenders are unlikely to participate in a self report study so the data may be unrepresentative
Feminist Campaigning
Feminists have tried to improve legislation against sexual harassment in the workplace