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Measuring Crime

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Police Crime Figures
These are official statistics that are recorded and published annually in Britain. They're highly accessible HOWEVER sociologists do question how reliable they are
Distrust in Police (why police figures are unreliable)
Individuals dont sometimes report crime to the police because they dont have faith in the police
Intimidated Victim (why police figures are unreliable)
May mean that victims wont report their crimes to the police. i.e. Much gang crime wont be reported due to 'snitches get stitches' culture
(Problem with victim survey's) Participants may feel embarrassed about revealing that they were a victim of certain crimes such as rape or those who get catfished online
Lazy Police (why police figures are unreliable)
Its up to the police to decide whether an incident is worth reporting. This makes crime reporting unreliable as some incidents wont get reported especially if theres too much paperwork or a lack of evidence
Victim Survey
An anonymous survey of individuals asking for details of crimes committed against them even if there not reported. There figures are therefore more representative and have high response rates
British Crime Survey
The most significant victim survey in Britain which interviews 14,000 victims and the answers are confidential cant be passed on to the police
The BCS found that they thought this crime was 27% of all crimes however the police figures showed the lower result 21% during 2007/08 tesults
No under 16s (BCS criticism)
Are interviewed for the British crime survey which may mean its unreliable
Small Sample
BCS only interviews a small amount of the Uk population and it doesnt include crimes committed against businesses
argues some people are more willing to reveal their experiences that others. Also he believes everyone has different definitions of whats criminal of whats not, so the same incident would be mentioned by one person but not by another
One of Britain biggest victim surveys