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New left Realism

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What is to be done
A left realist book written by left realists, Lea and Young. They criticised Marxists for focusing too much on white collar crime
Left Realists
emerged from critical criminology as a reaction against what was perceived to be the Left's failure to take a practical interest in everyday crime. They disagree with the capitalist focus of Marxists. Left realism was created in response to the capitalist world being dependent on right wing approaches to crime
New Policing Policy
Kinsey, lea and Young believe police authorities should be democratically elected by the public and they believe this would force the police to act on the instructions on the local community
Relative Deprivation
Lea and Young believed that when someone feels deprived in RELATION TO OTHERS they turn to crime to remove this feeling
Why rich people commit crimes
Because feeling deprive rather than actual deprivation is what can trigger crime. This explains why a rich person may commit crime, because they feel deprived compared to the SUPER RICH
Consumer Culture
Lea and Young blame this for increasing feelings of deprivation and it bombards society through advertising media presents images of what others have or what you could have
New Labour
Was influenced by new realist policies and Tony Blair started catch phrasing "tough on the causes of crime"
Hughes (Left Realist Critic)
This left realist crItic argues that left realists dont explain why why some people who are deprived see crime as a solution and others don't . He argues there would be more crime if relative deprivation was the main cause
Blacks vs Asians
Left Realists argue young blacks retain the aspirations of gaining success whereas Asians had clear alternative sources of status i.e. religion, family. So when racism affects blacks they are more likely to turn to crime to gain money success elsewhere, whereas if Asians face racism and have a lack of money success it doesnt matter as its not their main values
Bulimic society
Young claims that our consumerist socitey gorges itself on media images of the "good life", but their own economic circumstances forces them to vomit of their expectations of lifestyles. This causes feelings of resentment and can lead to crime
found the desire consume by looting was what otherwise denied them in a bulimic society wa a significant factor in motivating some people involved in the 2013 August riots
Lea and Young
believe deprivation will only lead to crime where it is experienced as relative deprivation. A group experiences relative deprivation when it feels deprived in comparison to other similar groups,It is not the fact of being deprived as such, but the feeling of deprivation which is important.