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operative medicine
branch of the medical profession relating to or involving SURGICAL operations
non-operative medicine
branch of medicine involving diagnostic and/or therapeutic techniques that do NOT require SURGICAL operations
supervised PRACTICE of a specialty in a HOSPITAL after medical school
internal medicine
a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of NONSURGICAL DISEASES; practitioners often called INTERNISTS
an operation
a ROOM in a hospital designed for SURGICAL OPERATIONS - operating room; also operating theatre
Emergency room - emergency department in British English
specialized in the care and treatment of OLDER PEOPLE
medically qualified in INTERNAL MEDICINE, sub-specialized in the diseases of the HEART and blood VESSELS
physician who studies, diagnoses and treats cancerous TUMORS
specialized in the non-operative diagnosis and treatment of the disorders of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract
specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of PULMONARY conditions and diseases
specialized in the kidneys and dialysis therapy; decides whether KIDNEYS transplantation is necessary.
diagnoses and treats illnesses related to the glands
non-operative; trained in the diagnosis and treatment of NERVOUS SYSTEM disorders
diagnoses and treats diseases of the BLOOD and bone marrow, as well as the immune, hemostatic & vascular systems.
diagnoses and treats ARTHRITIS and other diseases of the JOINTS, bones, etc.
Family practitioner
specializes in medical care and counseling to an individual or FAMILY, without regard to age or sex
provides preventive health maintenance for healthy children and NONSURGICAL medical care for CHILDREN
General surgeon
OPERATES on ABDOMINAL ORGAN ex: intestines, esophagus, stomach, colon, liver, gallbladder and bile ducts...
Pediatric surgeon
provides care for all problems or conditions affecting CHILDREN requiring SURGERY.
Plastic surgeon
specialized in the CORRECTION of FORM and function
Cardiovascular surgeon
performs SURGERY on the HEART and BLOOD VESSELS of the body.
Trauma surgeon
SURGEON that deals with treating INJURIES caused by an IMPACT.
trained in surgery of the nervous SYSTEM and specialized in surgery on the brain and NERVOUS SYSTEM
Orthopedic surgeon
trained in surgery of the LIGAMENTS, tendons, JOINTS, BONES, nerves and muscles, but also uses rehabilitative methods
physician who uses ionizing and non-ionizing RADIATION for the diagnosis and treatment of disease
uses a variety of laboratory analytical techniques to investigate the causes, progress, and consequences of diseases
trained to administer ANESTHESIA and manage the medical care of patients before, during, and after surgery