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to turn(to twist, to wrench)
to span(to straddle, to stride)
muscle(tendon, sinew)
to lead
to block; to bar
to step; to stride; to take a step
to unravel; to tear open; to dismantle
corner; to bend; curved
to erect(to hang over, to come into contact)
to rise(e.g., rising prices or rising rivers)
statesman; "Your Servant"(self deprecating self addressing title)
to compensate for loss
to marry (of a woman)
pulse(arteries, veins)
to meet by chance(to come upon)
to suspend(mourn, revoke, withdraw)
to kneel
(Interjection)expressing agreement ("oh right", "ah, yes", "yes"); (interjection)expressing disappointment("alas", "that's unfortunate")
to spread out(or to drape over one's shoulders)
to spill(sprinkle, spray, shed)
to worry
to shift; to move; to change
surname Feng; to gallop; to assist