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gratias ago
thank, give thanks
alii ... alii
some ... others
causa (+ gen)
for the sake of
certiorem facere
non iam (indeclinable)
no longer
signa inferre
attack, charge
bellum inferre
make war on
navis longa
navis oneraria
merchant ship
odio est (+ dat)
be hated by
operam do
I take pains, give attention (to)
opus est esse, fuit (+ abl) (impersonal)
there is need (of)
mille passus
poenas dare
pay the penalty, am punished
quam (+ superlative)
as ... as possible
ne ... quidem
not ... even
quod si
but if
me recipio
retreat, withdraw
pedem/me refero
retreat (p...)
terga verto
retreat (t...)
navem solvo
set sail
usui est
it is useful