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esta noche comeré y beberé
tonight I will eat and drink (future)
comerás un pescado
you will eat a fish (future)
comeremos las zanahorias
we will eat the carrots (future)
ella comerá la ensalada
she will eat the salad (future)
comerán la sopa
they will eat the soup (future)
mi hermana sólo beberá agua
my sister will only drink water (future)
tendré una casa vieja pero será bonita
I will have an old house but it will be beautiful (future)
no haré eso
I won't do that (future)
estarás en la playa
you will be at the beach (future)
ella me verá mañana
she will see me tomorrow (future)
lo tendremos pronto
we will have it soon (future)
me quedaré una noche
I will stay one night (future)
te llamaré pronto
I will call you soon (future)
llegaremos en dos horas
we will arrive in two hours (future)