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I work
aš dirbu
you work
tu dirbi
he works
jis dirba
she works
ji dirba
it works
jis/ji/tai dirba (apie daiktus)
we work
mes dirbame
you work
jūs dirbate
they work
jie/jos dirba
I don't work
aš nedirbu
you don't work
tu nedirbi
he doesn't work
jis nedirba
she doesn't work
ji nedirba
it doesn't work
jis/ji/tai nedirba (apie daiktus)
we don't work
mes nedirbame
you don't work
jūs nedirbate
they don't work
jie/jos nedirba
Do I work?
Ar aš dirbu?
Do you work?
Ar tu dirbi?
Does he work?
ar jis dirba?
Does she work?
Ar ji dirba?
Does it work?
Ar jis/ji/tai dirba? (apie daiktus)
Do we work?
Ar mes dirbame?
Do you work?
Ar jūs dirbate?
Do they work?
Ar jie/jos dirba?