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I am
aš esu
you are
tu esi
he is
jis yra
she is
ji yra
it is
jis/ji yra (apie daiktus)
we are
mes esame
you are
jūs esate
they are
jie/jos yra
am I?
ar aš esu?
are you?
ar tu esi?
is he?
ar jis yra?
is it?
ar jis/ji yra? (apie daiktus)
are we?
ar mes esame?
are you?
ar tu esi?
are they?
ar jie/jos yra?
I have
aš turiu
you have
tu turi
he has
jis turi
she has
ji turi
it has
jis/ji turi (apie daiktus)
we have
mes turime
you have
jūs turite
they have
jie/jos turi