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je doive
I must (subjonctif)(devoir)
tu doives
you must (subjonctif)(devoir)(sing)
il doive
he must (subjonctif)(devoir)
nous devions
we must (subjonctif)(devoir)
vous deviez
you must (subjonctif)(devoir)(plur)
ils doivent
they must (subjonctif)(devoir)
je croie
I believe (subjonctif)(croire)
tu croies
you believe (subjonctif)(croire)(sing)
il croie
he believe (subjonctif)(croire)
nous croyions
we believe (subjonctif)(croire)
vous croyiez
you believe (subjonctif)(croire)(plur)
ils croient
they believe (subjonctif)(croire)
je tienne
I hold (subjonctif)(tenir)
tu tiennes
you hold (subjonctif)(tenir)(sing)
il tienne
he hold (subjonctif)(tenir)