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sept mille soizante-treize
seven thousand seventy three (7073)
huit mille cent quatre-vingt-douze
eight thousand one hundred ninety two (8192)
neuf mille cinq cent trente-cinq
nine thousand five hundred thirty five (9535)
douze mille neuf cent dix-sept
twelve thousand nine hundred seventeen (12,917)
cinquante mille cinq cent vingt-cinq
fifty thousand five hundred twenty five (50,525)
quatre-vingt-trois mille cinq cent quatre-vingt-onze
eighty three thousand five hunder ninety one (83,591)
cent mille
one hundred thousand (100,000)
trois cent quatre-vingt-deux mille cent vingt et un
three hundred eighty two thousand one hundred twenty one (382,121)
sept cent vingt-six mille neuf cent quarante-six
seven hundred twenty six thousand nine hundred forty six (726,946)
un million
one million (1,000,000)
deux millions
two millions (2,000,000)
deux millions trois cent quarante-six mille vingt-deux
two million three hundred forty six thousand twenty two (2,346,022)
cent dollars
one hundred dollars
mille dollars
one thousand dollars
un million de dollars
one million dollars