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Kwoj etal nan ia?
Where are you going?
Ij etal nan mon jikuul
I am going to school
Ij etal nan mon wia.
I'm going to the store
Ij etal nan mweo ma
I'm going home
Kwoj ta?
What are you doing?
Ij bajket
I'm playing basketball
Ij Kaatak
I'm studying
Ij riit
I'm reading
Ij mona ma
I'm eating breadfruit
Kwoj itok jen ia?
Where are you coming from?
Ij itok jen mon jar
I'm coming from church
Ij itok jen jikin bajket
I'm coming from the basketball court
Ij itok jen jikin takta
I'm coming from the doctor's office
Ij itok jen Amedika
I come from America