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Aki bottal köszön, annak doronggal felelnek
He who greets with a stick will be answered with a club
Bottal üthetik a nyomát
His footprints can be beaten with a stick.
Senki sem tud kibújni a saját bőréből
Nobody can slip out of his own skin
Mindenki a maga bőrét viszi a vásárra
Every one carries his own skin to the market
El van maradva egy brosúrával
He is one pamphlet behind
Nem egy nap alatt épült Buda vára
The castle of Buda was not built in one day
Egyszer volt Budán kutyavásár
There was a dog-market in Buda, (but only) once.
Felfelé bukott
He stumbled upwards