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Kas sulle meeldib tee või kohv?
Do you like tea or coffee?
Keda sa ootad?
Who do you wait for?
Kelle raamat see on?
Whose book is it?
Kellega sa kinno lähed?
Who are you going to the movies with?
Kellel on kodus koer?
Who has a dog at home?
Kellele meeldib see punane auto?
Who likes that red car?
Kes on sinu sõber?
Who is your friend?
Kuhu sa homme sõidad?
To where are you traveling tomorrow?
Kui kaua sõidab buss Pärnusse?
How long does it take to travel by bus to Pärnu?
Kui palju kohv maksab?
How much does the coffe cost?
Kui vana sa oled?
How old are you?
Kuidas läheb?
How are you?
Kus sa elad?
Where do you live?
Kust sa pärit oled?
Where are you from?
Mida sa täna õhtul teed?
What are you doing this evening?
Miks sa kinno ei tule?
Why won't you come to the movies?
Millal sa kooli lähed?
When do you go to school?
Millega sa Ameerikasse sõidad?
(lit. With what) By what means do you travel to America?
Mis on sinu nimi?
What is you name?
Missugune sinu kass on?
What kind of cat is your cat?
Mitu pastakat sul on?
How many pens do you have?