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(adj.) 持續嚴厲的;持續強烈的 continuing in a severe or extreme way.
(n.) (c.) 筆名 a name which a person, such as a writer, uses instead of their real name, especially on their work.
splash out
(p.v.) 花了很多錢(在某些東西上) to spend a lot of money on something.
(v.) 對…感到恐懼;害怕;擔心 to feel extremely worried or frightened about something that is going to happen or that might happen.
stage name
(n.) (c.) 藝名 a name used by an actor instead of his or her real name.
(v.) 排練,排演 to practise a play, a piece of music, etc. in order to prepare it for public performance.
on first name terms
(phrase) 跟那人很熟悉
swallow up
(p.v.) 吞噬了很多錢 to use or take away a large part of something valuable.
(n.) (u.c.) 雄辯言辭;煽動性語言 speech or writing which is intended to be effective and influence people.
(adj.) 富裕的;富足的 having a lot of money or owning a lot of things; rich.