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(n.) (c) 大型帆船 a large boat with a sail, used for pleasure or sport, especially one that has a place where you can sleep.
(v.) 參加、參與 to take part in an activity or event.
down the drain
(phrase) 倒水落坑渠 if time, effort, or money goes down the drain, it is wasted or produces no results.
(adj.) 像徵性的、偶像性的 someone famous who is admired by many people and is thought to represent an important idea.
(n.) (c) 歌詞 the words of a song.
(adj.) 複雜精細的 containing many small parts or details that all work or fit together.
(adj.) 低沉隱約的聲音 muffled sounds cannot be heard clearly, for example because they come from behind a door or wall.
(v.) 低聲抱怨 to speak in a low voice, especially because you are annoyed about something, or you do not want people to hear you.
(n.) (c) 殖民 someone who lives in a colony but who is a citizen of the country that rules the colony.
stand on you own two feet
(phrase) 能獨立自已照顧自已 to be able to do what you need to do, earn your own money, etc without help from others.