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traditional art, music, theatre
one of the Traditional German values
life was a contest / contest made people healthier / struggle for boarders / struggle against non-German people
what was the belief of "struggle" to the Nazis
people were divided up into superior / inferior races
what did Hiler say about "Racial Purity"
February 1925
when the Nazi Party was re-lanched
befriend Germany's most wealthy businessmen
how did Hitler gert donations from 1925+
shared hatred of communism / scared of communism / hope hitler would limit power of trade unions
why did wealthy business men support Hitler
expand the SA (400,000 members by 1930)
what did the extra income help Hitler to do
dangerous loyalty to Ernst Rohm
what had the SA developed, while Hitler was in prison
SS (protection squad)
what Hitler made in 1925
Heinrich Himmler
who ran the SS
what did the SS become
Dr Joseph Goebbels
who helped Hitler with the Nazi propaganda
Using scapegoats to blame Germany's problems on
what was the aim of the Nazi Propaganda
Jews / Communists / leaders of the weimar Republic / Social Democrats
who did Hitler blame German's problems on
Promoting Hitler as the voice of the Nazi Party
what was the aim of the Nazi Propaganda