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the head of the Bavarian army
who Lossow was
a (famous) German general
who was Erich von Ludendorff
Hitler and his supporters marched into town
what happened the day after the beer hall in the Munich Putsch
Hitler as president
what did Hitler's supporters declare in the Munich Putsch, after the beer hall
They were out numbered
what happened when Hitler's supporters marched into town in the Munich Putsch
how of Hitler's supporters were killed in the Munich Putsch
how many Police were killed in the Munich Putsch
Hitler and other leaders were put on trial
what happened after the Munich Putsch
found guilty / 5 years in prison (for treason)/ Nazi party was banned
what was the outcome of the trial after the Munich Putsch
publicity for the Nazi Party (that Hitler used in his trial)
one effect of the Munich Putsch
when was the weakly inforced ban on the Nazi Party lifted
May 1924
when did the Nazis gain their first seats as a result from the publicity of Hitler's trial
how many seats did the Nazis get in 1924
after 9 months (1924)
when was Hitler released from prison
his autobiography - Mein Kampf (my struggle)
what Hitler wrote while he was in prison