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the Nazi Party private army
what the SA were
what the SA were sometimes nicknamed as.
security at meetings / bodyguards for the Nazi leaders / broke up opposition meetings
what the SA did
Ernst Rohm
who was put incharge of the SA
what the SA were like
November 1923
The Munich Putsch
a Nazi uprising against the government
what the Munich Putsch was
a reason for the Munich Putsch in 1923
thought Stresemann would fix the economy
a reason for the Munich Putsch in 1923
Government starting to crack down on extremist groups
a reason for the Munich Putsch in 1923
a beer hall in Munich
where the Munich Putsch was
3000 (Bavarian) government officials
who was in the beer hall in the Munich Putsch
Ludendorff / Kahr / Seisser / Lossow
who said they supported Hitler in the beer hall then changed their minds the day after
leader of the Bavarian government
who Kahr was
the head of the Bavarian Police
who Seisser was