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mothers with big families
What was the Mother's cross given to
The Lebenson programme
what was the policy progamme started in 1935 by the SS leader, Heinrich Himmler, to encourage childbirth
the DAF (German Labour Front)
what did Hitler set up to replace the trade unions
control the powers of the employer / increase working hours by 6 (on average) / regulated workig hours, pay / punish workers
what did the DAF do
the RAD (National Labour Service)
What was set up in 1933 for the unemployed
provided manual work for the unemployed (e.g. in the fields, build public buildings, autobahns)
What did the RAD do
when the RAD became compulsory for all young men to serve it
6 months
For how long did the young men serve in the RAD
very low pay / very poor food
what was bad about the RAD
September 1925
The Nuremberg Laws
November 1938
Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass)
an attack on Jewish property
what was Kristallnacht
April 1933
From where was there was a boycott of Jewish businesses
intimidate shoppers shopping in Jewish shops / posters outside Jewish buisnesses (telling people not to go in)
what did the Nazis do in the boycott
April 1933
when were Jews banned from goverenment jobs