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how much a loaf of bread cost in 1919
200 marks
how much a loaf of bread cost in 1922
200,000 billion marks
How much a loaf of bread cost in 1923
The Spartacist League
a left-wing movement who wanted communism
when 100,000 sparticacists took over key buildings (e.g. newspaper offices) in Berlin
demobilised soldier, returning from war, who refused to give back their arms.
The Kapp Putsch (a right-wing revolt)
Dr Wolfgang Kapp
leader of the Kapp Putsch
bring back the Kaiser
what the kapp Putsch revolt wanted to acheive
government encouraged people to go on strike
how the Kapp Putsch ended
He fled and then was caught and put in prison (where he later died)
what happened to Dr Wolfgang Kapp after the Kapp Putsch
Gustav Stresemann
The new chancellor and foreign secretary of Germany in August 1923
November 1923
when Stresemann was forced to resign the as chancellor
When Stresemann died (that ended his reign as foreign secretary)
everyone suffered from shortages (foreign suppliers refused to trade with the mark)
a concequence of hyperinflation in Germany