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when was the German Oylmpics that was held in Berlin
Aryan Superiority
what was the Olympics a way of showing to other countries
Jesse Owens
which Black American won, to the embarrasement of the Germans, 4 gold medals and broke Olympic records 11 times in the heats
separate schools
what schools did boys and girls attened in Nazi Germany
all subjects
In what subjects in schools did the Nazi teach the children their views
Race studies
on lesson that was added to tech the children about Nazi views
how much of a child's school day was given to PE
Domestic Science (e.g. cookery, needle work)
what was compulsory for girls to be taught in Nazi Germany
Good housewives / perfect family
what role were the girls being taught to be when they were older
Little Fellows
what did could children join at the age of 6 in Nazi Germany
Hitler Youth
what could children at the age of 14 join in Nazi Germany
military training (like the SA)
what did the Hitler Youth do
What percentage of all German boys were in the Hitler youth by 1936
what percentage of all German boys were in the Hitler youth by 1939
League of German Maidens
what could girls join in Nazi Germany