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the Confessing Church
Who were Niemoller and Bonhoeffer one of the leaders of
sent to a concentration camp
what happened to Niemoller in 1937
organise resistance (even in contact with the Allies)
What did Bonhoeffer do to stand up agianst the Nazis During the war
the Nazi Religion
What did the Nazis set up in order to try to control Christian Churches
Minister of People's Enlightenment and Propaganda
What was Goebbels made when Hitler became Chancellor in 1933
the press / newspapers / Universities / The arts / Radio / Cinemas
what did Goebbels (the Nazis) control
between 1933 and 1938 how many professors or lecturers were dismissed from their jobs as a result of th Nazis controling the universities
Reich Chamber of Culture
what did the arts have to be a member of in order not to be banned
on one occasion in Berlin how many books did students burn that were writen by the Jews, communists, anti-nazis. (e.g. Einstein)
what is one example of music that was banned in Nazi Germany
racial grounds / political grounds / taste
what were the reasons for the Nazis censoring art
good way of showing the Nazi views
One reason why the Nazis made cheap theatre tickets
to broadcast to more people Nazi views
why was there a cheap mass production of radios in Nazi Germany
45 minute showing Germany's achievements
one way the Nazis tried to get their views across in cinemas
the plot
By 1934, what did film makers need to have approval of by Goebbels