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The communists
Who did Hitler ban from taking part in the election in 1933
Nationalist Party
After the election in 1933, which Party had Hitler stirred up enough fear in order to make them join the Nazi Party, so that he had the majority
Enabling law
What did Hitler force the Riechstag to pass in 1933, after he had the majorty
to make laws without the rest of Reichstag agreeing
what did the Enabling law mean Hitler could do
local government / councils / police
What did Hitler put the Nazis in charge of in April 1933
sceret police
what were the Gestapo (formed in 1933)
May 1933
when did Hitler ban all trade unions
couldn't complain about pay / conditions
how did removing trade unions help Hitler
took away their money / threw their leaders in jail
what did Hitler do to the trade unions
July 1933
when Hitler banned all Parties except the Nazis
June 1934
when was The Night of the Long Knives
Ernst Rohm / leading members of the SA (e.g. Gregor Strasser) politians (e.g. former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher)
Who was arrested then shot by the SS in "The night of the Long Knives
a leading SA member with socialist views
who was Gregor Strasser
Himmler told Hitler the SA were going to overthow him
why was Hitler scared of the SA
Rohm (the leader) had socialist views (didn't agree with Hitler e.g. wanted to tax the rich to help the working classes)
why was Hitler scared of the SA