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Chha — to be, to be there, to have

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to be (defines a state)
chiya chha?
is there tea?
pani umaalekko chha?
is the water boiled?
khana chha?
is there food?
kativata khotaaharu chhan?
how many rooms are there?
gau kahaa chha?
where is the village?
timro saathi chha
you (familiar) have a friend (the friend is yours)
mero didi chha
I have an older sister (the older sister is mine)
uniko kitaab chha
he/she has a book
mero kalamharu chhan
I have pens
tapai aglo chhau
you (polite) are tall
kukurharu saano chhan
the dogs are small
dherai paisaa chha
there is a lot of money
tyo ghar thulo chha
that house is big
timiharu choto chhau
you (plural, familiar) are short
chiya pasal taadhaa chha?
is the teahouse far?
chiya pasal najik chha?
the teahouse is close?
sanchai chha
I'm fine
pani chiso chha
the water is cold