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Palun mulle üks must kohv ja üks saiake. Ja sulle, Piret?
A black coffee and a bun for me, please. And for you, Piret?
Mulle ka kohv, aga koorega, ja üks kreemikook.
I’ll have coffee too, but with cream, and one cream cake.
Kas film oli sinu meelest huvitav?
Did you think the film was interesting?
Jah, väga huvitav, aga ma olin võib-olla liiga väsinud. Ma pean homme sõitma tagasi Tartusse.
Yes, very interesting, but perhaps I was too tired. I have to travel back to Tartu tomorrow.
Kas sa sõidad rongiga?
Are you going by train?
Jah, juba kell seitse hommikul!
Yes, at seven in the morning!
See on pikk reis.
It is a long trip.
Jah, umbes kolm tundi.
Yes, about three hours.